The Close Shave

This episode of the Four Minute Fixation is all about good ideas.  Sometimes the best idea will come to you out of thin air while you are going about your daily routine.

A good idea can come to you in two, three or four minutes.  That’s what the Four Minute Fixation is all about.

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Here Is The Transcript from Today’s Episode

The Close Shave

Oh, hi. I’m Dave Lorenzo and you’ve walked in on me shaving. Actually, I wanted to make this video while I was here in my bathroom shaving because sometimes I’m most inspired while I’m going through my daily routine and doing something like this, shaving every day. And you may find that interesting and you may have found the same thing happens to you as you’re perhaps driving to work or making lunch for your kids before school or doing some routine ordinary task.

The reason that good ideas come to you during these times is because you have given your brain permission to allow your body to be on autopilot. Your brain doesn’t have to really focus on what you’re doing. I’ve shaved the same way for the past 16, 17, 20 years. You’ve driven to work the same way for the last umpteen days. You’ve probably lathered yourself up in the shower the same way for almost your entire life. That’s put those tasks on autopilot so during that time period your brain is free to allow the creativity to really flow. So that’s why you’re most inspired while you’re doing routine tasks.

This usually takes about two, three or four minutes. So I wanted to come up with a way to share with you some of the best ideas on business strategy, management, productivity improvement and most importantly, balancing your work and your life. I’m a consultant as well as an author and a public speaker and my mission is to help business leaders make a great living and live a great life. So what I’m doing today is spending four minutes with you, helping you become inspired.

I’d like you to take some time, the next time you’re doing a routine task like this, and just keep track of the thoughts that come into your mind. After you finish shaving, perhaps you’re getting your best ideas while you’re shaving like I do, create a little journal and write down some of those good ideas that you have. If you get great ideas while you’re waiting to fall asleep at night, create a journal. Write a journal next to your bed. Write your ideas down. If you get your best ideas in the shower, keep a notebook in the bathroom and write some of those great ideas down. Don’t waste that time when you’re on “autopilot” because that’s where the great ideas really come from.

As for me, I’ll be coming to you as often as I can with ideas just like this and if I’m inspired here in the bathroom while I’m shaving, I’m going to make a video and share it with you. These videos are called the Four Minute Fixation because I’m spending just four minutes, sometimes even less, with you, giving you the big idea that I had for the day, hoping that it helps you make a great living and live a great life. So I’m going to get back to shaving and I wish you the best and I’m going to hope that I see you again here at the Four Minute Fixation. If you’ve got a great idea or you want to share an idea for a video, please do that by reaching out to me on Twitter. You can find me by typing in @TheDaveLorenzo, @TheDaveLorenzo. I’m on Twitter or on Facebook, got to our page, Four Minute Fixation on Facebook, or our website, Remember four minutes can make all the difference when you’re hoping to make a great living and live a great life. So I hope to see you back here again soon.

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