The Secret of the Action Log

Power Productivity Video Series: Video 5 – The Secret of the Action Log


Most people think “to do” lists are the key to effective productivity.  That’s not the case.  The real secret to improved productivity is tracking and reviewing the actions you take each and every day.  You see, tracking actions brings your activity into focus.  What you focus on determines your results.

Watch this video and track your actions.  You will be amazed at the results.

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I’m Dave Lorenzo of Valtimax Consulting and today we’re going to talk about the one tip that can help you almost double your productivity overnight and this is a tip that I’ve given to my clients for years and years and each and every single one of them have found it to be totally effective as long as they make it a habit in their daily routine.

The tip that I’m talking about is creating what I call an action log. That’s actually writing down the actions that you’ve taken no matter how large or small each and every single day. You need to maybe take a couple of timeouts during the course of your day and just write down the things that you’ve accomplished during that day and then spend 15 minutes at the end of the day reviewing the things that you got done.

At the end of your week, you should review all the things that you did, all the actions that you took during the course of the week and at the end of a month, review all the actions that you took during the course of the month. What this does is it psychologically primes you to be an action-oriented person. You will find that you strive to get more and more done during the course of the day because you’re actually logging the things that you’ve accomplished.

When you do this, you will notice that you start to accomplish more and more. It is a type of mentality that you’re creating with yourself. You’re almost fooling yourself into being more productive and this follows the psychological principle that the more we focus on something, the more it expands. So if you’re focused on action, you will take more action.

Now how do you make sure you’re taking the right action? Well, at the beginning of each week, you should set up a number of goals for outcomes that you want to accomplish during the course of that week. How many? It’s up to you. I would say having two or three a day makes the most sense. So if you have three items that you want to accomplish each and every single day, three things you want to accomplish each and every single day, that gives you 15 things to accomplish each week. Pick three. Accomplish them each day and then keep an action log of each of the things that you do during the course of your day.

This is a phenomenal way to boost your productivity. Implement this today and you will be amazed at how much your productivity improves not only today but this week, this month and even this year.

My name is Dave Lorenzo and the name of our company is Valtimax Consulting. I look forward to seeing you in our next Valtimax video. Have a great day.