The Truth About How You Make Money

Many salespeople have lost focus on the most important aspect of their jobs.

They are so busy pushing their product down the throats of their clients, they miss the entire focus of their job: To solve a problem.

This video will help you get on track and make more money.

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Here is the transcript of this episode of Four Minute Fixation:

The Truth About How You Make Money

I’m Dave Lorenzo and this is a different type of episode of Four Minute Fixation.

I want to address something with you that is an epidemic. You see it all over television these days, especially if you watch TV news. I see it more and more. It’s starting to creep into business, and it will really have an impact on your ability to make money. That’s why the title of this episode is How You Make Money. I don’t care what business you’re in. I don’t even care what role you’re in. You make money by solving problems for people. If you sell products your products must solve a problem for someone. Sometimes that problem may be achieving a goal, or fulfilling a purpose or a specific need. Other times it’s a real serious problem. Solving problems for people is the byproduct of finding out what they need, helping them understand their needs, and then helping them want the solution that you can provide to help meet their needs.

I’m going to say that again because it sounds a little funny. Most people don’t realize what the problem really is so they don’t understand what the solution really is, and they don’t want the real solution, because they don’t know what it is. So your job is to help understand the problem, convey that understanding to your client, and then find the solution for them, and provide it. This requires you to listen, and that’s how you really make money. Now the issue that I see, the thing that’s become epidemic is people not listening to one another. We get all wrapped up in emotions, and we get firmly entrenched in our positions, and we become defensive, and we stop talking. Or worse, we start yelling at one another.

The key is understanding what your clients’ problems are, and then helping them solve those problems. So you have to listen. My rule of thumb is that we should be listening 80% of the time and only speaking 20%. Or even less. So I want you to think about this now. Think about how you provide your services to your clients. Do you go out and just ram your only solution down your clients’ throats? Do you go out and try and convince people that what you have is the best thing they are ever going to find? Or do you listen to their problems, understand what their issues really are, help them understand that they need it, and then allow them to make a choice? Do you do that?

If you do you’ll be successful. If you just scream at them and try and shove your only solution down their throat, you won’t. We need to change the discourse that we all face these days. Whether it’s on TV, or whether it’s in our business lives, or even in our personal lives. What we need to do is we need to sit back and listen to other people. Understand why they feel the way they feel, help them get to the real root of their problem, and then help them solve their problem. That’s how you make money.

I’m Dave Lorenzo. This is Four Minute Fixation. We’ll see you back here next time.