Two Step Marketing


Would you ask someone to marry you after the first date?

Absolutely not.

Yet we ask people to do business with us before they really know who we are.

Two step marketing is not about landing new business in just two steps.  It is about developing relationships with people before you ask them for money.

Step one:  Introduce yourself to your prospective client/patient.

Step two: Develop a relationship with prospective patient/client through sharing valuable educational information.

This video gives a detailed description of two step marketing.


This is Dave Lorenzo and I’m the Chairman and Founder of Valtimax Consulting and I’m coming to you today to talk about one of the principles of marketing that we teach our clients that is incredibly valuable if you’re trying to develop a professional services firm or a business that uses educational marketing in order to reach out to your customers or clients.

The type of marketing we’re going to talk about today is called two-step marketing and we call it two-step marketing not because you only do two things. We call it two-step marketing because the first step involves getting a client to raise his or her hand and say, “Yes, I’m interested in hearing more about what you have to say on this subject.”

The second step is providing educational information that not only educates them but also motivates them to take action and it helps them make a good decision based on the difference that you provide when it comes to who you are and what you do in your marketplace.

So let me walk you through a good two-step marketing program. If you notice, at, we have an opt-in box. It’s called an opt-in box on the bottom of our website. This opt-in box allows you the opportunity to get into our five-day course that will help you make a great living and get home on time for dinner every night.

Now that is the first step in a two-step marketing campaign. You will enter your information in that box and we will enroll you in our five-day course and you will get an email everyday as part of the five-day course and then we will follow up with you at the end of those five days to see if you have any questions. We will also continue to educate you by enrolling you in our weekly article series which provides weekly educational articles to all of our members and subscribers.

This two-step process helps educate you not only on how to make good decisions related to hiring a business strategy consultant but it also gives you a sense for who we are and how we work. Then when you’re ready to work with us, you know where to find us and how to engage us. So let’s say you’re a doctor and you’re a general practitioner and you want to expand your patient base. How can you use two-step marketing?

Well, very simply. On your website, you could offer a free guide to selecting a primary care physician. When people go to your website, they will enter their name and email address to get this free guide. Once they get the free guide from you, they get your weekly health tips updates which you send out every week like clockwork. They can also get a call from your office looking to see if they would like to schedule a physical with their primary care physician.

Now if they’re not ready to select the doctor, this call won’t be invasive because you’ve already given them value. If they are ready to select the doctor, you’re right there and just on time.

We do the same thing with lawyers. We’ve done it recently with a trust and estates lawyer who is offering a free report on the five things you need to know about creating a will. Once the folks opt in to get their free report, five things they need to know about creating a will, the lawyer then follows up with a phone call to see if they have any questions. It’s very, very easy. People have requested the information. They have a need for your services.

So use this two-step marketing process in your marketing and you will find that you not only get better prospects who are coming to you but you get people who are coming to you ready to buy and use your services.

My name is Dave Lorenzo and I’m the Chairman and Founder of Valtimax Consulting. Until next time, I hope you make a great living and live a great life®.