The Ultimate Question for Marketing


There is one question you can ask any client, any customer, any patient, that will result in a deep conversation and will most likely lead to more work.

This one question is powerful in its simplicity.

Asking this question will clearly differentiate you from your competition.

Watch this video to find out what this question is and how you can use it.


I’m Dave Lorenzo back again with another Valtimax Video and today we’re talking about the ultimate question and this is the ultimate question that’s designed to get you more business.

That question is when you sit across from your client or your patient or your customer and you ask them, “Hey, what’s keeping you up at night?” Now as long as this client, this patient, this customer is your ideal client or patient or customer, you should be able to relate to them.

Obviously they see something in you or your professional practice or your business that resonates with them, that works for them. So when you ask them what’s keeping them up at night and they give you an answer, if you can find a way to resolve that problem, you will have a deep relationship with your customer or clients, if you will.

How do you leverage the answer to that question in your practice? I will give you an example. I have a client who is a lawyer and he is a litigator. What he does is he handles commercial disputes, business disputes and most of the time, his clients hire him to negotiate a way out of a dispute that they have. A small percentage of the time, those disputes go to court.

Well, what happens with this client, with my client, is his clients come to him and when that issue is resolved, when he takes care of that, if he asks this question, “What’s keeping them up at night?” and it’s a legal issue, he can help refer them to somebody else which deepens his relationship. If he gets enough of a specific type of referral, he can hire a lawyer in his practice to handle those issues.

So a great example I will give you is this client that I was discussing with you. He said to me, “I’m getting a lot of folks who are asking me about contracts. They said that that was keeping them up. It’s that they may have exposure in other contracts like the one I just handled, like the dispute I just handled; and they’ve asked me to look at their contracts.” And he says, “I’m not a business lawyer. I don’t typically do that. So I’m going to have to bring somebody in to do that.” And I said to him, I said, “Well, if you have enough need for this, bring the person in and start doing that type of work.” And that’s exactly what he did.

So now his practice has morphed from 100 percent litigation to 75 percent litigation, 25 percent transactional work, 25 percent business law work. And now that he has got somebody in his office, I bet at some point it becomes 50-50.

So for you, whether you’re a business owner, a lawyer or a doctor, I encourage you to sit down and spend a couple of minutes with your clients or patients and ask them, “Hey, what’s keeping you up at night?” and think about what you can do to help relieve that pain or solve that problem for your clients, for your patients, for your customers.

If you can solve that problem for them and there’s a good chance that many of your friends, your customers, your clients will be coming to you with the same issue, you could get into a very lucrative line of business as a secondary or add-on or after-work type of business for your business, for your professional practice, for your consulting work.

My name is Dave Lorenzo and if you would like more great information just like this, you can find me at Thanks for watching and have a great day.