University On Wheels

Successful business leaders make the most of the time they have available.  The time you spend in your car doesn’t have to be dead time spent staring at the bumper of the vehicle in front of you.  It can be an opportunity to learn a language or master a more powerful vocabulary.

Using your commuting time to advance your goal of continuous personal improvement is another way successful business leaders set themselves apart.  It’s their competitive advantage.

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Here is the transcript of today’s episode:

University on Wheels

Hello and welcome again to another edition of the four-minute fixation. Today, we’re sitting in my car, and I want you to focus on the tremendous development opportunity you have each and every single day while you commute or just drive around town. You know, Zig Ziglar, who was one of the greatest professional development coaches, authors and speakers of all time, used to say that his car was his university on wheels. And in Zig’s day, which was in “the 70s and 80s”, he would drive around and pop audio cassettes into his player and use this as an opportunity to learn and to grow. Well, I think that you have an even greater opportunity now because of the advancements in technology. You can use your time in your car to develop your skills, your knowledge, and even your talent. Now there are three ways that I can think of right now off the top of my head that you can use the time while you’re commuting in your car.

The first way is to download an audio program. There are thousands of them. You can get them through iTunes or Google Play, or you can get them online. These programs are out there and you can use whatever program you want. You can use a language program, you can use some of my stuff to help you develop your business management, productivity improvement, and all sorts of different skills. Download the audio programs to your phone, listen to your phone in your car, either through your audio system or pop just one earphone in. You want to leave one ear open so you can hear what’s going on in the road. Pop one earphone in, you can absorb the information while you listen to the audio program as you drive around.

Second way to use this university on wheels concept is to reinforce something that you’ve already experienced. So you can use something new, reinforce something that you’ve already experienced. So if you listened to a speech one time already, you can use this to listen to the speech a second time. This is great information for you, and it’s a way to reinforce something that you’ve already experienced. Perhaps you’ve experience it in another medium. So you watched something on video, you can listen to the audio while you drive around.

The third way, and this is the most effective way, and this is one of the greatest learning opportunities that I’ve experienced in my lifetime, is for you to read a book, or read some information aloud, record that information on your phone, or to whatever device you’re using, and then play that back in your own voice while you’re driving around. Why is this so powerful? Well number one, you improve your comprehension because whenever you read aloud, your reading comprehension goes through the roof. Number two, when you listen to the information back, your brain recognizes your own voice, and any skepticism goes away. And you absorb the information subconsciously at a more rapid rate. That is the real secret to this. Reading something aloud, in your own voice, recording it, and then playing it back, you can do this while you’re driving. Playing it back and listening to it, particularly with repetition is a phenomenal way to absorb the information.

So those are the three ways you can use your university on wheels to enhance your growth and your personal development. Number one, listen to something new. Number two, reinforce something you’ve already experienced, and number three, read something aloud and play it back while you’re in your car to absorb it and to get it to sink into your subconscious. I’m Dave Lorenzo and we’ll see you again tomorrow on the four-minute fixation.

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