What is Ethical Marketing?


This is the inaugural video in the Valtimax Video education series.

Dave Lorenzo describes how you can use ethical, effective educational marketing to build and grow your business.

It does not matter if you are a doctor, lawyer, accountant, corporate executive or the owner of a local business; we will provide you with the formula you need to grow your business.

This approach to marketing – targeted educational marketing – is not only ethical but it is also effective and fun.

Enjoy our video education series.


This is Dave Lorenzo and I’m the Chairman and Founder of Valtimax Consulting and I want to welcome you to our Video Education Series.

If you watch this Video Education Series, you will notice that we offer you great tips and guidance on how you can effectively and ethically market your services. One of the questions I receive all the time is, “Hey, Dave. I’m a professional. How do I go about marketing my services without coming off looking like a used car salesman? After all, shouldn’t I just be able to put up my flag, put up my sign, put up my banner, put up my shingle and expect people to come to me?”

Well, in the past that may have been true. I know for lawyers, they always think that that’s true whether they just graduated from law school or whether they go out on their own, thinking that they’re going to hang their shingle and clients are going to come to them.

For doctors, this used to be the case. You become affiliated with an insurance company. People look you up and it used to be the big old insurance book. Now I guess they look you up online and because you’re affiliated with that insurance company, people will just show up and come to you.

For business owners, if you’re in a high traffic area, people would just stumble upon you and then through word of mouth, your business could grow. That’s not the way it works anymore. I’m sorry to tell you. Your business will grow whether you’re a professional practice, medical practice, law firm, street corner business.

Your business will grow organically but to get clients to come in and give you a try, you need to do some form of marketing and as far as being cheesy and looking like a used car salesman, here’s what I will tell you. People love to buy but they hate to be sold.

So if you practice educational marketing which is what we advocate, you will be the clear choice for folks and you don’t have to be overly solicitous. What you simply do is you educate them on who you are and what you do. You educate them on how to make a good decision in selecting somebody like yourself who does what you do.

You motivate them to make that decision now and you differentiate your services from everybody else in your market. Now the way you educate them could be through any number of marketing formats. In fact, everywhere you see “traditional marketing,” you can use educational marketing and it works much better than traditional marketing. In fact, we call our brand of marketing targeted educational marketing and you will find that it works phenomenally well.

Now in terms of motivating them to make a decision to work with you, that’s incumbent upon you depending upon what the clients’ needs are. Really what marketing is all about is it’s all about creating relationships with potential clients. So if you’re out there creating relationships with your potential clients and you understand what they need, ethically your responsibility is to help them want what they need.

So if you’re a doctor and you have a patient who needs a specific type of care, your job is to get that patient to want the type of care that they need. If you happen to provide the care that they need, getting them to want that ethically is your responsibility. The same thing if you’re a lawyer, business owner. Getting people to want your products. If you can ethically provide value for them with your products or services, that’s your job.

Your job is not just to provide the service or provide the product. Your job is to help people understand how they can use your product or service to improve their lives, to improve their businesses, to make things better for them.

So, to sum things up, marketing ethically will be your responsibility as long as you’re providing value for your clients. Providing value is one thing. Making sure people understand the value you provide is something totally different. Helping them understand the need for your service, helping them want your service, that’s your responsibility as long as you’re providing value.

My name is Dave Lorenzo. This is Valtimax Consulting. I hope you’ve enjoyed our time together today and I look forward to seeing you again in the future.