Who Is This Guy?

This is the inaugural video for the new show titled the Four Minute Fixation.

Each business day strategist Dave Lorenzo (that’s me) fixates on one thing and he shares that with you on this show. ┬áIn four minutes (or less) you will receive great guidance, strategy, tips, tricks, tactics or just something silly to make you smile.

The idea is to make you think.

Enjoy the Four Minute Fixation and, please, tell your friends.

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Here Is The Transcript from Today’s Episode

Who Is This Guy?

Hi there. My name is Dave Lorenzo and I’m an author, speaker, executive coach, and the owner of a business strategy consulting company. We focus on helping business leaders with all sorts of organizational effectiveness issues and when it comes to growth, our main focus is on relationship marketing. So, I decided that I wanted to create a relationship with the people who come to visit our online presence, our websites, our social media sites, and this, The Four Minute Fixation, is my way to reach out and develop a relationship with you. I really look at this as a conversation and each day I will sit down with you and I’ll talk about the thing that is most pressing on my mind. It is the thing that I’m fixated on that day.

Now, this could be a business topic, it could be a topic that’s in the news, it just could be something that I’m frustrated with or I’m excited about and I’m really looking forward to sharing these conversations with you and I hope this is a two-way street. So I want you to reach out to me, either on Facebook or YouTube or Twitter or Google Plus. However you choose to enter into this conversation and leave me your thoughts, your comments, what you like, what you want to hear more about. Engage in a dialogue with me so that we can expand the conversation and I can deliver to you fantastic content that you can use. I’ve been online, if you will, since the very beginning and my focus has always been on delivering content to subscribers and folks who invest in our services as well as people who just visit our website and are looking for excellent information on leadership development, relationship marketing, growing a business, strategy, buying or selling a business, leadership development. Any topic you can think of that an entrepreneur would need in order to grow, run, and build a business, you can find on our website, valtimax.com. V-A-L-T-I-M-A-X.com.

We’re going to lead this conversation with that content. It’s going to be really, really rich and I hope that you engage in a dialogue with me. What we’re not going to do is we’re not going to spend a lot of time on the technology, the technological aspects of this. If I flub, if I make a mistake or I bumble and stumble through some of this conversation, it’s going to be in there and I’m going to be very vulnerable to you. So I hope that you bear with us while we get the technology right. Some of the early conversations we had with you, will be full of technological issues. You may see part of my head cut off or I may move a little too quickly in front of the camera and it may be a little distracting. We’ll get the hang of this eventually and I hope that you bear with us. Keep in mind that it’s about the information. It’s about the exchange, the dialogue that you and I have and it’s not about the technological capabilities we possess.

My focus has been and it will continue to be on delivering the best information and developing a relationship with you. So, I thank you for joining me here today and I hope that you come back tomorrow and the next day and the next day and until we… I hope you come back forever. I hope you stay with us for as long as we decide to do this, because, this is a great way for us to find out what’s important to you and to deliver great information and a fantastic online experience. My name is Dave Lorenzo and this is The Four Minute Fixation. I enjoyed being with you today and I look forward to being with you again tomorrow, as well.