Why Most People Don’t Take Action

Why don’t people take action?

Simply put: Most people don’t take action because of shame.

This is actually a deep psychological concept and there are five specific aspects of it that hold people back.

    People feel shame because they believe they should be more successful and this paralyzes them.
    People feel shame because they believe they are frauds and will be discovered.
    People feel shame because they have a stigma about selling and asking people to do business with them.
    People feel shame because they are afraid of failure.
    People feel shame when they ask for help

Watch the video and read the transcript for more specific information.

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Here is a transcript of today’s episode of Four Minute Fixation:

Shame on You

Hi. I’m Dave Lorenzo and today I’m fixated on the reason people don’t take action.

You may be thinking about a project that you wanted to get started on or a strategy or an initiative that you had planned for a long time and you just can’t get started and you don’t know why. I see this all the time, people will come to my events and they’ll get a lot out of the events. They’ll really enjoy the day, they’ll really enjoy the time they’ve spent with me and they really enjoy the learning that they get from the group and they just go away and nothing ever changes, they don’t take any action.

There is a deep-rooted psychological reason why people don’t take action and do the things they know they should do. The example that I always give are some of the lawyers that come to my events that are exclusively for lawyers where we talk about relationship development, relationship marketing. Everything that I say resonates with them, they leave the room and they don’t do anything. The reason they don’t do anything is the simple fact, regardless of the business you’re in, shame is what’s holding you back. There are really five aspects of shame that you’re feeling, five areas that you feel shame about the most.

Number one, you feel shame because you feel like should be more successful. Each of us feels that we should be more successful than we are. We never appreciate the skills, the talent, the knowledge, the experience we have. So we feel like we should be more successful than we are already. We judge ourselves and because we feel that shame, we feel like we don’t deserve that success because we should have it and we don’t, so we must not deserve it. Don’t feel that way, you deserve everything life has to offer. You deserve to be successful so free yourself from that.

The second factor is that you’re ashamed because people think you’re successful already. Think about this for a minute, it’s a really big one. People think you’re successful and you’re not. So you have feelings that you’re a fraud and if you take some action in order to better yourself or you undertake some activity to grow your business, people will realize that you’re not as successful as they think you are or you’re not as successful as you’re pretending to be. So the fraud that you’re perpetrating will be exposed. You need to let this go, everyone feels that way at some point and taking action just proves that you’re successful. It will never expose anything that is underlying. Taking action just proves you’re successful.

Reason number three is people are ashamed to be seen doing certain things. I know lots of business people who are ashamed to sell. They feel like selling is beneath them, they feel like selling is something that other people should do, they feel like they’re too good for selling. Nothing can be further from the truth. Nothing happens in business or in life until somebody sells something. So you need to let that myth go. You should never be ashamed to take action regardless of whether it’s selling something or marketing or walking up to someone and introducing yourself.

Reason number four; they’re ashamed to fail. All success happens through trial and error regardless of whether the errors are big or small, you will make mistakes along the way if you hope to be successful. Many people are ashamed of failing on their way to success. You should never be ashamed, never be ashamed to try something and fail because there is no such thing as failing. You’re just testing. The only way you can figure out what works is by testing and finding out what doesn’t work.

The final element of shame is that you’re embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help. And this one is really, really sad because there’s no way you can grow unless you invest in a process of continuous improvement. You should always feel that you can ask for help. So shame is the reason why most people don’t take action. I want you to think about these five aspects of shame, identify them in your life and then set them aside. Cast them out so you can be more successful.

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