Why Use Video To Build Relationships?

Each week on Four Minute Fixation we reach deep into my mailbag and pull out a question from one of our viewers.

Today I answer the most frequently asked question I’ve received since we stated this video show.

Many people have asked: “Why are you doing videos? And Why do you do them daily?”

We answer those questions today.

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Here is the transcript to this episode of Four Minute Fixation:

Why use video to build relationships?

You really want to know why? Okay. I’ll tell you. Hi, there, and once again, it’s time for our big, old mail bag segment. That’s right. This is the segment where we answer your questions posed to me, and we do it once a week. Today, I’m answering not just one question, but I have to say, it’s about 30 or 40 questions on why we use video, what we’re doing with video, what made me come up with video as a way to do this, why I do it daily, what the purpose of this whole show is. I get more questions about video and why I’m doing video than I get any other type of questions, so I figured I would take a few minutes today, actually four minutes today, and answer the questions that I get about why we use video, why I created a four-minute video show that I do every single day during the work days of each and every single week. This is probably … As I’m recording this now, I think this is the 32nd episode, 32 episodes that I’ve recorded so far, and what I found is this. This is based on feedback that I’ve received from you, from our viewers.

This is the most intimate form of media there is. If I can’t be with you in a room having a conversation one-on-one, this is the closest thing we can get, and we specifically tried to make this not an overproduced video show. You can tell that the production is of minimal quality. It’s the bare minimum we can do to get me and to get the content in front of you, and for us to begin a dialogue, for us to begin to have a conversation. This is the most intimate form of media there is, other than you and I sitting down together and having a conversation. That’s one of the reasons I chose this. This is also a unique way to have a conversation and to deliver information to people, recording this now, and this is the very first season of ‘Four Minute Fixation’. Very few people are out there doing a video show specifically for business leaders. There are some other people out there who are gurus who are teaching, but they do it maybe once a month, or even the once who are the most frequent, they do it once a week. For me, to be able to come into your home or come on to your phone, or show up in your email inbox on a daily basis, it’s an honor for you to invite me in, and I’m happy to do that on a daily basis, and it’s unique.

It’s something that differentiates me and makes me standout from the crowd of everyone else who’s out there giving business advice. The other reason that I chose video is because it really satisfies people who learn things visually. I’ve written a weekly email to people who subscribe forever. I mean, it’s at least the last seven years, and that’s been powerful for me from a business development perspective, and it’s been a great connection for the people who read it. I’ll tell you that I think this has even more power. I’m still doing my weekly email, and if you’re not getting one and you want to get one, there’s a number of different ways you can subscribe to that, and I’ll put that information in the description section in the narrative of this video right below it. This is a great way for me to deliver great content for you, and it’s more powerful even than the written word because visual medium is much more powerful, and visual learners are more stimulated by this type of thing. Finally, I believe that speaking is a strength for me, and I really enjoyed being in front of an audience, and I think it’s a great way for me personally to grow by teaching you each and every single day. In the last 32 episodes, I learned so much by bringing this great information to you and by organizing it for you, so I’ll tell you that this has been as valuable or even more valuable experience for me as it has been for you.

I want to say thank you. I appreciate you being here at the ‘Four Minute Fixation’ for the last 32 episodes, and the questions that I get from you are fantastic. Please keep them coming. You can send them to me on Twitter, ‘@TheDaveLorenzo’. You can send them to me on YouTube. The best thing for you to do is subscribe to ‘Four Minute Fixation’ on YouTube, and pop your questions right in the comments. I read them all, and I respond to them all. I will answer your questions live on a video just like this once a week, or if you’d like, go to Facebook. Find ‘Four Minute Fixation’ on Facebook, and you can ask me your questions there. Until next time. This is Dave Lorenzo saying I hope you make a great living and live a great life.

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