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During the past three years we’ve been hosting two websites and providing content on both. It has been, at times, confusing. Since March 2008 Attorneys have always been able to find great information on the RainmakerLawyer website while business leaders have come to the Valtimax website to find great articles, video and audio programs.

The time has come to consolidate our primary web presence. To do this we’ve created a new article section specifically for attorneys on the Valtimax website. We also added specific sections for coaches and consultants, sales professionals, along with our articles for business leaders.

To go along with the website consolidation we started a great new video show for lawyers and business leaders. We call this video show the Four Minute Fixation® and we’re committed to producing and distributing fantastic content every weekday.

The show kicked off with an episode introducing the concept. The title of the episode: “Who Is This Guy?”

Next we discussed where good ideas come from. Often they occur during the mundane activities of our lives. It’s important we capture them. This is what “The Close Shave” episode is all about.

We discuss persuasion often on our website. The episode titled “Options and Opportunity” gives you another tool in your toolbox for persuading people. It will help you empower your clients, employees and anyone with whom you’re negotiating.

The next episode discusses how you produce your work product. I want you to be successful. Success means making progress. Sometimes perfection is the enemy of progress. Spend four minutes with this episode and you’ll rethink the way you work.

What we focus on expands. If you want to achieve a goal, you need to adjust your focus. That’s the subject of the episode titled: “Focus On Focus.”

The episode titled: “Live Studio Audience” is a great tip on how you can improve your presentation skills.

We took our first questions from a viewer of the show on Friday. J.B. Slater of Uptime technology emailed: “How Do I Get Started Marketing In My Business?” The detailed answer to that question outlined a system any business can use to boost its income.

If you have a question you’d like us to answer or if you just want to comment on any of our shows, you can connect with us on Facebook or on Twitter.

This focus on content in a multi-media format is exciting and we’re looking forward to your feedback.

These changes offer you some great growth opportunities on the Valtimax Website. We hope you’ll join us often and you’ll share it with your friends.

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